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Databases are a powerful part of iWeb Composer only available in the premium package. They allow you to create a database on the server to keep track of repetitive information and large tables that need to be exported and imported from other applications (such as Excel). Databases allow you keep large tables of information separate from the layout of your site, so you can use their contents in several places at once.

Creating a Database
To create a database click on "Databases" and then click on "Create New Database...". The form that appears allows you specfiy the name of the database and the fields it contains. Each field can be created by clicking the right arrow while the desired field type is selected. Similarly, the left arrow removes a field from a database.

Working with a database
Once you have created a database, you can edit it by going to "Databases" and then clicking "View" on the database to view its contents. When you are viewing the contents of a database you can add a new record by clicking "Add New Record" at the top of the table. You can also edit an existing record by clicking on its title and then hitting "Edit Record."

Databases also allow you search through them using the search bar that appears at the bottom of the viewer. To search, enter text in the search field, choose the field to search, and click "now." The returned results will be all the records that contained the text you entered in the selected field.

Importing and Exporting
Often you will already have a database that you want to place in iWeb Composer, or you need to view an iWeb Composer database in a desktop application such as Excel. To do this, click the "Import/Export" button at the top of either the viewer or the edit pane for a database. This screen allows you to upload new information from your desktop to iWeb Composer, or export a database as comma seperated (like CSV) files. Any files to be imported must be plain text and be one of the listed formats in the pop-up. If you upload the wrong format the data will not show up correctly when iWeb Compsoer asks you which fields in the file to place in which database fields.

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