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Links that appear in your text can be created using the Link Tool. You might have for example, a link where "other news" is highlighted blue, and when clicked takes the user to another page in the site called "Other News."

The first step to creating such a link is to edit the text section in which the link should go. Once on the editing page, click the "Link" button at the top right of the text area. This will bring up the link tool in a pop-up window. The link tool asks for the text that should be highlighted, and where to send anyone who clicks on the link. After providing these, clicking on create link brings up a link ID name such as "LINK_0." This needs to to be entered into the text section exactly as shown (case sensitive) wherever you would like the link to appear.

In order to edit a link you may either change some of the english generated text, or, more simply, just delete the entire link and enter a new one.

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