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iWeb Composer forms are designed to give to you the most flexibility possible while still keeping the interface simple. To this end, forms are made up of a series of fields, each of a different type. Whenever a user submits a form on your website, these fields get packaged up and sent either to your e-mail address or into one of your databases (if you have the premium package). The easist way to see this in action is to run through a short example. In this example a new form with three fields: "Name", "Age", and "E-mail" will be created.

Step #1: Placing the Form
First the form needs to be placed on a page. To do this click the Add Form button at the top left side of the workbench. Choose the location for the form and the "add form" window will appear where fields are ready to be added.

Step #2: Adding the Fields
Each new field is chosen from a list of types by clicked the right arrow in-between the 'Field Types' and the 'Current Fields' lists. This prompts you to enter a title for the new field and decide if visitors should be required to fill it out. This should be repeated for each field of the form. The in which order the fields appear can be changed using the up/down arrows at the side of the list.

Step #3: Where to Send the Form
It is simple to send the form to your e-mail box. Just enter the address you would like the form sent to into the provided field. Inserting a form into a database can be more tricky. It is often useful to send a form directly into a database. This can be used to automatially update an e-mail list, or create a discussion board. To insert the form into a database, choose the desired database from the pop-up list and then reorder the database fields so that they line up with the form fields you want them to contain. Now, every time a form gets submited, a new record will get created in that database and the chosen fields will have the data from the corresponding form field placed in them.

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